MSport-multiple-plus MSport-multiple-plus

1. Multiple+ is only available for multiple bets on real sports (Electronic Sports Leagues and Stimulated Reality Leagues are included). To create a Multiple+ bet, there should only be one multiple bet per ticket.

2. Multiple+ bet cannot be cashed out.

3. Accumulate Bonus is not available for Multiple+.

4. MSport offers two winning options for Multiple+, customers can choose the one they prefer.

5. Winning option 1 is only available when total odds of the Multiple+ bet is above 1.05.

6. A ticket is won only if a certain amount of the selections are correct out of all selections. For example, a customer chooses 5 or more selections to be correct out of 7 selections in total. The odds of option 1 is 15 and the odds of option 2 is 10 or 20. This means that this customer will only win this ticket if 5 or more selections are correct out of 7 selections. For option 1, the odds will be fixed at 15, no matter if the customer wins 5 or more selections. For option 2, if there are 7 correct selections, the customer will win with odds of 20; And if there are 5 to 6 correct selections, the customer will win with odds of 10.

7. If a selection in a Multiple+ bet is voided or cancelled, then that selection will not be counted in the winning amount calculation.

8. For some multiple bets, the available number of minimum correct selections is limited in Multiple+. For example, if the number of selections in a bet is 20, then the minimum correct selections allowed will be 15 in Multiple+.

9. MSport builds and introduces Multiple+ to reward our valued customers. However, if frauds or abuses are suspected, MSport reserves the rights to remove related vouchers and winnings from associated accounts.